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Please forward this error screen to viln. The sourcing is whisky Trails PDF disclosed, so no issues there, but as always the question is who did they source it from? Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished with Oregon Oak.

Författare: Seonaidh Adams.
Komplett überarbeitete Neuauflage mit Präsentation zusätzlicher Destillen.

Crafted using premium barrels of Kentucky straight bourbon, Trail’s End traveled along the treacherous terrain from Kentucky to Oregon, following the path that Lewis and Clark once blazed. Not too far from the end of the Oregon Trail, our bourbon is finished with Oregon Oak and the result is exceptional! Before we dive into the Trail’s End Bourbon review I want to touch on a slight mystery on their website. Spice, toffee, cocoa, fruit and oak with a bit of vanilla and roasted grain. Toasted nuts, toffee, spice, cocoa, sandalwood and bits of vanilla, fruit and mint.

Med-short diffusion of roasted grain, caramel, spice and cocoa. Ok balance, medium body and a soft light feel. Trail’s End Bourbon is a smooth and spicy sipping bourbon that would work well in cocktails. For the most part it comes across like a standard bourbon and in a lot of ways reminds me of Evan Williams.

My major criticism of the whiskey would be that it doesn’t have a deep oaky essence and if they hadn’t put 8 years on the label I would have imagined it was more in the 4ish range. The softness of the Trail’s End Bourbon could mean the barrels came from the bottom of the rickhouse where temperatures don’t fluctuate as much or maybe the Oregon Oak softened the whiskey up a bit. Either way, it’s a decent bourbon, but not quite in daily drinker territory for me. Disclosure: This Trail’s End Bourbon was graciously sent to me by the company for the purposes of this review. Trail’s End Bourbon is decent stuff. Just had a friend pick up a bottle for me because I was intrigued by the Oregon Oak and 8 year statement. I was hoping it was more nuanced, but will use for holiday family cocktails.

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