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Am Anfang stand der Zufall: 1991 entdecken drei Freunde, während sie im Stau stehen, die perfekte Clublocation. Die Räume werden in Eigeninitiative umgebaut, und die ersten Gäste erfahren durch Mundpropaganda und per Telefon über eine »Rave Line« von den Partys. In den Wirren der Wiedervereinigung hat niemand Zeit, Besitzverhältnisse zu klären oder Konzessionen zu überprüfen – eine Zeit großer Unsicherheit, aber auch großer Freiheit.

Der Tresor war schon bald einer der einflussreichsten Clubs Europas. Hier entstand ein Sound, den es so sonst nirgends gab: Unter Tonnen von Stahlbeton feierte man bei 130 bpm und 100 Dezibel zu düsteren und tiefen Klängen aus Detroit. Der Erfolg ließ die Träume Blüten treiben: Ein Plattenlabel wurde erfolgreich gegründet, doch so hochtrabende Projekte wie der Tresor Tower blieben auf ewig Vision. Zu oft musste man gegen die Schließung vorgehen, bis 2005 tatsächlich Schluss war. Der Tresor ging ins Exil, feierte in anderen Clubs. Bis im Mai 2007 in einem ehemaligen Heizkraftwerk ein neues Zuhause gefunden wurde und die Party weiterging …

Please try the following: If you typed the page addess in the address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly. Open the home page, and then look for links to the information you want. If you still cannot find the page you are seeking you may want to try the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive Project. Now I love making a scrapbook page more than the vast majority of the population, but making a layout that really feels like something new and exciting? Next level crafting that reminds me of the joy I find in memory keeping and in creating pages, from the photos to the stories to the pretty paper. I’ve always found it’s way too overwhelming to think about developing my crafting style by looking at all the elements at once.

We will focus on one specific topic each week and you’ll identify your strengths, joys, and challenges at the beginning of the week and follow steps to improve your skills and make it all easier: levelling up! Those four topics are photography, page composition, writing, and embellishment. We’ll be looking at portraits, still life, and scenery, and you’re welcome to try all three or choose one to really bring it into focus. I would suggest reading through the Camera School section of the blog first, so we can go beyond those points in class. Page Composition: how many photos and where can they go on the page?

I really do believe there is a page design for every occasion, so we will look for that right occasion for everything from a single photo layout to more than a dozen photos from a single day. Writing: after I’ve done the pretty stuff, I’m supposed to journal too? You might already love to journal or you might currently be aiming to just get a name and date on the page. Either way, you can level up. We’ll explore different ways to find your own voice and make the writing feel just right. Embellishment: then the pretty stuff to close! I even went out and learned some new techniques I had never tried for this topic, so I am excited to see you put your own spin on those.

A video sessions to discuss the class materials. All the other class videos are edited, instructional videos. Just thought I’d clarify if you’re new to class and have been hanging out in my much more casual environment of Facebook Life scrapping! I don’t talk about random rubbish in class videos. If you have a annual pass from 2018, this class is included and will appear on your class list when the forum opens.

No need to do anything else. If neither of those is your currency, you can choose the one that is best for you. The forums will open next week, and when that happens you will also receive an email from me welcoming you to class. I’ve just arrived in Phoenix for this year’s Creativation Trade Show, where I’ll be debuting this new collection coming this spring: Sparkle City! After all your love for Glitter Girl, I’m excited to share this vision of Glitter Girl’s world: a city of colour and creativity, where everyone can be a superhero. Please pop over to the American Crafts blog to see more of the collection today, and follow along on Instagram and Facebook as I share projects and products direct from the show floor throughout Creativation 2019! I can’t wait to see what you make with Sparkle City when it hits your favourite crafts stores this March.

Join me for a day of creativity at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California! Disneyland absolutely fuels my creative fire, and I would love to share that with you! After a few light-hearted discussions on Facebook, I’ve made a schedule and worked it out to really happen! I’ll be ready with pens and songs and the biggest smile I can find! We’ll start the day bright and early with a special breakfast together, then hit the Disneyland park with a creativity-driven itinerary.

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