The Complete Elfquest Vol. 3 PDF

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. This article needs additional citations for verification. This article possibly contains original research. DC The Complete Elfquest Vol. 3 PDF Editions is a line of hardcover reprint runs of early, often rare comic book series, titles, and stories.

Författare: Wendy Pini.

The latest instalment of the collection of the legendary graphic novel fantasy series, which was created in 1978 by a wife and husband team.

They include more than 160 Golden Age and Silver Age comic properties currently owned by DC Comics, regardless of whether DC Comics was the original publisher. Cover to The Action Heroes Archives Vol. The series‘ format was designed by Alex Jay with Richard Bruning providing the art direction. The DC Archives preserve DC’s history and provide readers with stories that normally would not be available. In 2001, excess stock of Batman Archives Vol.

Sales proved successful as the remaining inventory sold out. It was widely believed that the DC Archive Editions would cease publication in 2008. Golden Age, the Silver Age, and the Bronze Age eras, and later release softcover editions that would collect about half the content to the hardcover omnibus editions. Will Eisner’s The Spirit Archives, T. The first volume of the Plastic Man Archives won the Comics Buyer’s Guide Fan Award for Favorite Reprint Graphic Album in 2001. Brave and the Bold Team-Up: Vol.

Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane: Vol. Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess Archives: Vol. Will Eisner’s The Spirit Archives: Vol. The Art of Comic Book Restoration by Rick Keene Friday, September 05, 2003″. Publishers Weekly Archived December 26, 2007, at the Wayback Machine.

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