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Information for contributors Latest news Dear possible contributors, PLEASE bear in mind that in the last several months the editorial staff has been selected Papers PDF with submissions and that we can not react as promptly to your submitted articles and queries as you may expect. Scope and type of papers Submitted manuscripts should make a contribution to knowledge in the field. Either or both quantitative and qualitative research methods may be employed. No one reference discipline is viewed as inherently superior.

Författare: Igor E. Tamm.

I.E. Tamm is one of the great figures of 20th century physics and the mentor of the late A.D. Sakharov. Together with I.M. Frank, he received the Nobel Prize in 1958 for the explanation of the Cherenkov effect. This book contains a commented selection of his most important contributions to the physical literature and essays on his contemporaries – Mandelstam, Einstein, Landau, and Bohr – as well as his contributions to Pugwash conferences. About a third of the selections originally appeared in Russian and are, to our knowledge, for the first time now available to Western readers. This volume includes a preface by Sir Rudolf Peierls, a biography compiled by Tamm's former students, V.Ya. Frenkel and B.M. Bolotovskii, and a complete bibliography.

Acceptable research papers will most frequently join theoretical analysis with empirical investigation. Reviews and syntheses of prior research are also welcome, where significant implications for future work are drawn. Prior publication policy Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that they have not been published, submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere and that, if the work received an official sponsorship, it has been duly released for open publication. If the manuscript is an extended version of a paper published in conference or workshop proceedings, it should be clearly indicated in the cover letter and first-page footnote in the manuscript itself.

Submission of contributions The Editors will be pleased to receive contributions from all parts of the world. English, intended for publication and prepared as described in „Manuscript Requirements“, along with a cover letter containing the corresponding author’s details should be submited online. At the explicit request from authors, a blind review process can be executed. In this case, authors are asked to follow the instructions available here. During manuscript submission, the authors are asked to propose at least three potential reviewers by including their names, affiliations and e-mail addresses in the „Comments for the Editor“ field during submission. This step is a prerequisite for the manuscript to enter the review phase.

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