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The Laboratory of Microbiology in Delft, where Beijerinck worked from 1897 to 1921. He is often considered one of the founders of virology and environmental microbiology. Born in Robert Koch und Louis Pasteur PDF, Beijerinck studied at the Technical School of Delft, where he was awarded the degree of Chemical Engineer in 1872.

Författare: Maxime Schwartz.
Koch und Pasteur waren Giganten der Wissenschaft – und erbitterte Rivalen. Vor dem Hintergrund großer politischer Spannungen zwischen Deutschland und Frankreich im ausgehenden 19. Jh. zeigen die Autoren, wie es zu dieser Gegnerschaft kam und wie sie die Forschung der beiden Kontrahenten beeinflusste, aber auch befeuerte.

He obtained his Doctor of Science degree from the University of Leiden in 1877. At the time, Delft, then a Polytechnic, did not have the right to confer doctorates, so Leiden did this for them. In 1885 he became member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is considered one of the founders of virology.

His results were in accordance with the similar observation made by Dmitri Ivanovsky in 1892. Like Ivanovsky before him and Adolf Mayer, predecessor at Wageningen, Beijerinck could not culture the filterable infectious agent, however he concluded that the agent can replicate and multiply in living plants. Beijerinck also discovered nitrogen fixation, the process by which diatomic nitrogen gas is converted to ammonium ions and becomes available to plants. Beijerinck discovered the phenomenon of bacterial sulfate reduction, a form of anaerobic respiration. He learned bacteria could use sulfate as a terminal electron acceptor, instead of oxygen. Beijerinck invented the enrichment culture, a fundamental method of studying microbes from the environment. He is often incorrectly credited with framing the microbial ecology idea that „everything is everywhere, but, the environment selects“, which was stated by Lourens Baas Becking.

Beijerinck was a socially eccentric figure. He was verbally abusive to students, never married, and had few professional collaborations. He was also known for his ascetic lifestyle and his view of science and marriage being incompatible. Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The Embryonic Beginning of Virology: Unbiased Thinking and Dogmatic Stagnation“.

Contagium vivum fluidum als Ursache der Fleckenkrankheit der Tabaksblätter“. Translated into English in Johnson, J. Bulletin Scientifique publié par l’Académie Impériale des Sciences de Saint-Pétersbourg. W, 1901, Über oligonitrophile Mikroben, Centralblatt für Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten und Hygiene, Abteilung II, Vol 7, pp. List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature.

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