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Författare: Seiichi Hayashi.
A reissue of a classic Japanese graphic novel from the early 1970s, now in paperback.

Just as things were starting to settle down, along came William the Conqueror. Old English speakers were now facing the same problem that the Romans had had, as their letter C was being used for two entirely different sounds. This all means that C isn’t used as much today as it was in Old English , but you can still expect it to account for around 2. 5 percent of a page of written English, and it accounts for 3. 5 percent of all the words in a dictionary—including the 40 clever C-words collected and collated here.

Something that is cachinnatory, incidentally, makes you cachinnate. CALAMISTRATION A formal word for the process of curling your hair. A caliduct is a pipe for conducting hot air or heated water, as in a radiator. Someone who is calophantic, likewise, pretends to be better than they really are.

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