Notenbüchlein der Anna Magdalena Bach PDF

The aria is best known as „Bist du bei mir“, BWV 508, a version for voice and continuo found as No. 18 Notenbüchlein der Anna Magdalena Bach PDF Heinrich Stölzel was for a short time court Kapellmeister in Bayreuth.

Författare: Ulrich Müller-Doppler.
Eine ideale Einführung in barocke Spielweisen und Interpretationen.

Apart from a few arias the music of this opera is lost. 18th-century manuscript owned by the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin. In 1725 Johann Sebastian Bach started the second notebook for his second wife Anna Magdalena. Anna Magdalena wrote down in that notebook. 25 in the notebook, is known as BWV 508.

It is unknown who provided the BWV 508 arrangement, but it is usually assumed to have been Johann Sebastian Bach. To death and to my rest. The aria, in the voice and continuo version found in the second notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, was published as Johann Sebastian Bach’s by the Bach Gesellschaft in the second half of the 19th century. Stölzel’s orchestral version of the aria, along with four other arias by Stölzel, in an 18th-century manuscript conserved in the library of the Berlin Sing-Akademie. In World War II the archive of the Sing-Akademie went lost. Bach in the first edition of the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis, assigning it the number 508 in that catalogue. In 1999 the lost archive of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin was recovered in Kiev.

Nonetheless the manuscript with the five Stölzel arias was still considered lost as late as 2006. SA 808 manuscript were identified as belonging to Stölzel’s opera Diomedes. The archive of the Sing-Akademie was transmitted to the Berlin State Library, which made a facsimile of the manuscript containing the Diomedes arias available on their website. The question whether the perception and popularity of the piece would have been affected if it would have been identified as Stölzel’s in an earlier stage remains unanswered. 11 Geistliche Gesänge at Berlin State Library website, pp. Neues zum Thema Bach und die Oper seiner Zeit“ in Bach-Jahrbuch 2002, pp.

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