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Follow the no one rides for free PDF for more information. Another One Rides the Bus US Single. A cartoon image of a crowded bus.

Författare: Larry Beinhart.
Privatdetektiv Tony Cassella soll die Aussage eines Anwalts aufnehmen, der über die miesen Machenschaften seines eigenen Berufsstands auspacken will. Doch dazu kommt es nicht, denn der Mann liegt tot auf einem Parkplatz. Tony muss die Lügen der Vergangenheit aufdecken und die ehrenwerten Männer, die jeden Preis zu zahlen bereit sind, um die Vergangenheit ruhen zu lassen, aus dem von ihnen bevorzugten Halbdunkel ans Licht der Öffentlichkeit zerren.

Another One Rides the Bus“ is a 1981 parody of Queen’s „Another One Bites the Dust“ by American comedy musician „Weird Al“ Yankovic. The song describes a person riding in a crowded public bus. The song became a hit on the Dr. Demento Show, as well as an underground success. Hoping to capitalize on the success of the song, Yankovic originally released „Another One Rides the Bus“ on an EP of the same name. Later, the song was issued as a commercial single by TK Records, which peaked at 104 on the U.

Another One Bites the Dust“, the target of Yankovic’s parody, was written by Queen bassist John Deacon. Lyrically, „Another One Rides the Bus“ describes a person riding in a crowded public bus. In the first verse, the bus proceeds to pick up more people. In the third verse, the speaker is trying to get fresh air but the bus‘ fan is broken and his window does not open. Yankovic debuted the song live on September 14, 1980, on the Dr. Demento Show, hosted by Barret „Dr.

While practicing the song outside the sound booth, Yankovic met Jon „Bermuda“ Schwartz, who offered to provide percussion for his performance. The single’s b-side is „Gotta Boogie“, which was co-written by Joe Earley. The song is a play on words discussing a man with a „boogie“ on his finger and his failure to get rid of it. Much like „My Bologna“, „Another One Rides the Bus“ was a hit on the Dr. For the next few weeks we got twice as many requests for „Another One Rides the Bus“ as for everything else put together. Thank goodness I had a tape rolling!

We even got it in stereo. Over the next couple of months that tape was duplicated and re-duplicated all over the world, as the song took on a life of its own. Demento Show gained a couple of dozen new station affiliates just because of that song. Eventually, Yankovic borrowed some money from Dr. Demento and pressed up one thousand copies of a four-track EP by himself. Yankovic then distributed this EP to various record stores, selling them through consignment deals.

Domestically, the single was released in a generic TK Records sleeve. International versions of the single, however, featured different artwork. The Dutch release, for instance, featured artwork depicting a crowded bus. According to Yankovic’s official site, this version of the „single used artwork similar to what would appear on Al’s first album.

Brian May, the guitarist of Queen, found the song „extremely funny“. The song was well received by music critics. Though the modest Yankovic himself laughs off the notion, we can all agree that „Another One Rides the Bus“ embodies the anarchic spirit of punk rock just as much as anything Johnny Rotten or The Clash ever recorded. It’s the essence of punk: an enraged, defiant malcontent with a long list of grievances screaming his pain to an indifferent world. Brian May, the guitarist of Queen, found the song amusing, and said in an interview, „There’s been a few cover versions of various kinds, notably ‚Another One Rides the Bus‘, which is an extremely funny record by a bloke called ‚Mad Al‘ or something in the States—it’s hilarious. Although no official music video was created for this single, Yankovic and Schwartz performed „Another One Rides the Bus“ on The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder.

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