Maidstone and the Medway Towns 1 : 25 000 PDF

The M2 is a motorway in Kent, England. The M2 starts west of Strood, Kent at Three Crutches, diverging southeastwards from the A2 road that heads ESE from Central London, one of five roads of dual carriageway width or greater reaching into the southern half of Greater London. By this point the road is mounted on the Medway Viaduct, passing over the Medway Valley railway and the river. Junction 2 of the M2, the roundabout on the A228, showing the maidstone and the Medway Towns 1 : 25 000 PDF crossing the Medway and climbing up the Nashenden Valley.

Författare: Ordnance Survey.

Transport Minister Ernest Marples on 29 May 1963, with the remainder being constructed in 1965. It was planned to extend the M2 to London and Dover, making it the main route between London and the channel ports, but this extension never materialised due to a lack of traffic demand. Instead the A2 was dualled and improved from Brenley Corner to Dover. Daily Telegraph reporting it as the M2, the Ministry of Transport adopted this, and later decided upon the M20 designation for the main London-Channel Ports link. Aside from retrofitting central crash barriers, like all early motorways, the alignment of the M2 did not significantly change until the late 1990s. The M2 was still busy between Junctions 1 and 4, and suffered from HGVs blocking the outside lane.

In 2000 work began on widening the M2 from two lanes to four lanes. Spoil from the North Downs Tunnel was used to form the new embankment for the London bound traffic between Junction 2 and the Nashenden Valley. The widening was completed in July 2003. The M2 opened with a single service area between Junctions 4 and 5, named Farthing Corner Services and operated by Top Rank. Today the services are known as Medway services and are operated under the Moto brand with a Travelodge hotel. The services have an access road to the local network for service and delivery vehicles that is not, like some motorway service areas, restricted with a gate or barrier.

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