Lucky Luke – Nitroglycerin PDF

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Författare: Lo Hartog van Banda.

984 0 0 0 19 8c2. Pigs in Space first appeared on The Muppet Show during the second season. The recurring sketch became a popular part of the series, appearing in 32 episodes over four seasons. During the sketch’s first year, Pigs in Space began with an introduction featuring the crew’s commanding roster. The concept of a pig-dominated science fiction story first appeared in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence. Return to Beneath the Planet of the Pigs“ parodied Planet of the Apes with a human character finding himself under the scrutiny of an all-pig populated world.

The popularity of Pigs in Space won the sketch a spot on the second Muppet Show cast album released in 1978. The script for the skit used in episode 205 was re-recorded in the studio by the performers. The height of pop-culture awareness for the crew of the Swinetrek occurred in 1981. The crew sees a white light heading straight at them. Miss Piggy suggests that it looks like the headlight on a motorcycle. Link agrees that it looks like one, but likely something strange as one would not find motorcycle traffic in deep space.

Seventeen seconds later, Gonzo drives right by the Swinetrek on his motorcycle. When the indignant Link leaves the bridge, he gets his nose slammed in the closing doors and sets off the Stuck Pig Alarm. Miss Piggy pleads to press the button to make a mid-course correction, which she has studied years for. Link’s patronization causes her to miss the moment at which she was supposed to press the button. Link decides to do it himself, but winds up pressing the wrong one. This sketch was re-recorded for The Muppet Show 2 cast album. Link has an important job for Miss Piggy to do the laundry.

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