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Författare: Michael Boatman.
Lords of Justice is a collection of tales just as fun, and well written, as the comics published by DC and Marvel. It’s a thrill packed ride through the world of masks, capes, and high tech gear that will keep you turning the pages to the end and leave you wanting you more.-Eric S Brown, 2008Author of The Season of RotContains action packed superhero stories by 4 of today’s most talented authors.

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This article relies too much on references to primary sources. This article needs additional citations for verification. The Justice Lords are a fictional team of supervillains who first appeared in the televised two-part Justice League episode „A Better World“ which was broadcast on November 1, 2003. 1 by Grant Morrison in 2015. Their world is situated on Earth-50 of DC’s Multiverse.

The Justice Lords seize the world’s governments, ruling with an iron fist. Using their satellite base for surveillance, they suppress free speech, outlaw elections, impose curfews and eliminate crime by lobotomizing criminals and supervillains. The Justice Lords discover their counterparts when Lord Batman finds the League during an experiment which allowed him to view the alternate universe, as well as be transported there. Bored with their world, the Lords decide to „assist“ their counterparts by ridding the League’s world of crime just as they did theirs, and trick the League into going to the alternate Earth. When the League arrives, they are imprisoned and rendered unconscious. Doomsday, a monstrous fighter who challenges Earth’s mightiest combatants and goes on a rampage.

The League escapes from the holding facility when the Flash accelerates his heartbeat to make Lord Batman think that he has flatlined. Lord Batman opens the Flash’s door, is locked in the cell by the Flash and the League escapes. Most go to Arkham Asylum to retrieve Hawkgirl, although Batman goes to the Batcave to get the dimensional transporter. On mainstream Earth Superman approaches Lex Luthor for help against the Lords, who agrees in exchange for a presidential pardon. The League distracts the Lords long enough for Luthor to use a power disruptor to strip them of their powers.

The Lords are arrested and sent back to their Earth, and Luthor expresses his intention to enter politics. The Lords‘ proposed alterations of mainstream Earth have repercussions in the first two seasons of Justice League Unlimited. The events of „A Better World“ aid Amanda Waller’s crusade against the destructive capabilities of the metahuman population if the government left it unchecked. Luthor hacks the Justice League Watchtower to attack Cadmus headquarters, with extensive collateral damage.

Brainiac, resident in Luthor, creates duplicate androids of the Lords in the Justice League Unlimited episode „Divided We Fall“. With Flash supposedly dead, and Luthor at his mercy, Superman is put in exactly the same position as his Justice Lord counterpart, but resists the temptation and refuses to kill Luthor. Realizing that they are estranged from those they are trying to protect and still fearful of the future, Superman announces the dissolution of the Justice League, but Green Arrow challenges him, saying that the Justice League was bigger than any individual and would continue without the original seven, and Superman changes his mind. In Batman Beyond, the effects of Lex Luthor’s power disruptor are temporary. Lord Superman and Lord Batman’s followers.

Wonder Woman kills Lady Wonder Woman in retaliation for her husband’s death and marries Lord Superman, conceiving their son Zod so their followers will declare a truce. When Lord Superman returns to the League’s world, he fights Superman, Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman in the Batcave and Zod arrives to help his mother. Terry defeats Lord Superman when the fight spreads to Gotham’s downtown area, while the rest of the League defeat the rest of the Justice Lords. Superman – Leader of the Justice Lords, who breaks into the White House and kills President Luthor after Luthor kills The Flash.

He and the other Lords then impose their version of justice on the world. Batman – He and the Lords rule the world with an iron fist. He discovers the Justice League, captures them with the other Lords and takes over their world. When Batman remains behind to guard the League, the Flash accelerated his heart rate until he seemed to flatline.

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