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Jump to navigation Jump to search Not to be confused with Computational complexity theory. According to several commentators, there is a distinction between the terms komplexität PDF and complicated. Complicated implies being difficult to understand but with time and effort, ultimately knowable.

Författare: Frank-Michael Dittes.
Anhand von Alltagsbeispielen untersucht der Autor in dem Buch typische Eigenschaften komplexer Systeme. Behandelt wird insbesondere ein Verhaltensmuster, nämlich die Tendenz dieser Systeme, ihre Komplexität zu erhöhen und einen Zustand am Rande zum Chaos einzunehmen. Die Eigenschaften dieses Zustands werden beschrieben und die Reduktion von Komplexität als Weg zur Stabilisierung abgeleitet. Alle Aussagen werden durch mathematische Modelle physikalischer, biologischer und technischer Systeme illustriert, wobei auf Formeln weitgehend verzichtet wird.

Complex, on the other hand, describes the interactions between a number of entities. Many measures of software complexity have been proposed. Many of these, although yielding a good representation of complexity, do not lend themselves to easy measurement. Henry and Kafura introduced Software Structure Metrics Based on Information Flow in 1981 which measures complexity as a function of fan in and fan out. They define fan-in of a procedure as the number of local flows into that procedure plus the number of data structures from which that procedure retrieves information.

A Metrics Suite for Object Oriented Design was introduced by Chidamber and Kemerer in 1994 focusing, as the title suggests, on metrics specifically for object oriented code. Associated with, and dependent on the complexity of an existing program, is the complexity associated with changing the program. Accidental complexity: Relates to difficulties a programmer faces due to the chosen software engineering tools. A better fitting set of tools or a more high-level programming language may reduce it. Accidental complexity is often also a consequence of the lack of using the domain to frame the form of the solution i.

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