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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the 1955 film. For the Mickey Spillane novel, kiss Him, Not Me 4 PDF Kiss Me, Deadly. In the upper half of the poster, there’s a torso painting of a man embracing a woman.

Författare: Junko.

"A Kodansha Comics trade paperback original."–Colophon.

He’s kissing her neck just below her left ear. The man is wearing a business suit. Kiss Me Deadly is an independently made 1955 American black-and-white film noir, produced and directed by Robert Aldrich, that stars Ralph Meeker. The screenplay was written by Aldrich and A. The film also withstood scrutiny from the Kefauver Commission, which called it a film „designed to ruin young viewers“, leading director Aldrich to protest the Commission’s conclusions. Kiss Me Deadly marked the film debuts of the actresses Cloris Leachman and Maxine Cooper.

In 1999 Kiss Me Deadly was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being „culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant“. Mike Hammer is a tough, Los Angeles-based private investigator who is almost as brutal as the crooks he chases. She has escaped from a mental institution. Lily tells Hammer she has gone into hiding and asks Hammer to protect her. It turns out that she is after a mysterious box that, she believes, has contents worth a fortune.

Later, at an isolated beach house, Hammer finds „Lily“, who is revealed to be an imposter named Gabrielle, with her boss Dr. When Hammer comes into the room, she shoots and badly wounds Hammer. Gabrielle then opens the box, which emits a blinding light. The highly unstable radionuclide material inside reaches explosive criticality as it becomes fully exposed, and Gabrielle is shown bursting into flames, with the room and eventually the entire house becoming engulfed.

The original American release of the film shows Hammer and Velda escaping from the burning house at the end, staggering into the ocean as the words „The End“ come over them on the screen. Sometime after its first release, the ending was altered on the film’s original negative, removing more than a minute’s worth of shots where Hammer and Velda escape and superimposing the words „The End“ over the burning house. In October 1954 Robert Aldrich announced he would produce and direct two Mickey Spillane stories the following year, for Parklane Productions, an independent company owned by Victor Saville. The stories would be „Kiss Me Deadly“ and „My Gun is Quick“. Kiss Me Deadly remains one of the great time capsules of Los Angeles. The Bunker Hill locations were all destroyed when the downtown neighborhood was razed in the late 1960s. The Donigan ‚Castle‘, a Victorian mansion at 325 S.

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