Ioannis Scylitzae, Synopsis Historiarum PDF

Varangian Guardsmen, an illumination from ioannis Scylitzae, Synopsis Historiarum PDF 11th century chronicle of John Skylitzes. Greek historian of the late 11th century. Very little is known about his life. The title of his work records him as a kouropalatēs and a former droungarios of the Vigla, whereby he is usually identified with a certain John Thrakesios.

Författare: Ioannes Thurn.
The Corpus Fontium Historiae Byzantinae includes texts written by Byzantine historiographers and chroniclers as well as other documents of historical relevance from the 4th to the 15th centuries. The main objective of each volume is the presentation of a critical text based on all extant manuscripts; a detailed introduction informing about the author and the work as well as the manuscripts and their relation to each other is included in addition to several apparatus and indices.

The most famous manuscript of the Synopsis was produced in Sicily in the 12th century known as the Madrid Skylitzes, and is now at the Biblioteca Nacional de España in Madrid. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Skylitzis Chronicle. The Thurn edition supersedes the much older one by Migne, below. 22 September 2002, Institute for Byzantine Studies, Queen’s University, Belfast.

Centre for Hellenic Civilization, University of Manitoba, 2000. Jean Skylitzès: Empereurs de Constantinople, Ed. Seibt: Johannes Skylitzes: Zur Person des Chronisten, Jahrb. Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the Byzantine dynasty.

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