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Hippolytos PDF article needs additional citations for verification. Ancient Greek tragedy by Euripides, based on the myth of Hippolytus, son of Theseus. Hippolytus wears as a worshipper of Artemis.

Författare: Euripides Euripides.
Die Reihe Griechische Dramen erschließt die großen Tragödien und Komödien des klassischen Athen in neuen, textnahen Prosaübersetzungen mit eingehender Einführung und detaillierter sprachlicher und sachlicher Kommentierung: ein unverzichtbares Hilfsmittel für Dozenten und Studierende der Klassischen Philologie ebenso wie für Germanisten und Neuphilologen, Komparatisten, Theaterwissenschaftler und Theaterpraktiker.

In this version Phaedra fights against her own sexual desires, which have been incited by Aphrodite. Phaedra agonizing over her love for Hippolytus. The play is set in Troezen, a coastal town in the north-eastern Peloponnese. Theseus, the king of Athens, is serving a year’s voluntary exile after having murdered a local king and his sons.

At the opening of the play Aphrodite, Goddess of love, explains that Hippolytus has sworn chastity and refuses to revere her. Instead, he honours the Goddess of the hunt, Artemis. This has led her to initiate a plan of vengeance on Hippolytus. Hippolytus appears with his followers and shows reverence to a statue of Artemis, a chaste goddess. A servant warns him about slighting Aphrodite, but Hippolytus refuses to listen. The chorus, consisting of young married women of Troezen, enters and describes how Theseus’s wife, Phaedra has not eaten or slept in three days.

Phaedra, sickly, appears with her nurse. After an agonizing discussion, Phaedra finally confesses why she is ill: she loves Hippolytus. The nurse and the chorus are shocked. The nurse, after making Hippolytus swear not to tell anyone, informs Hippolytus of Phaedra’s desire and suggests that Hippolytus consider yielding to her.

He reacts with a furious tirade and threatens to tell his father, Theseus, everything as soon as he arrives. After making the chorus swear secrecy, she goes inside and hangs herself. Theseus returns and discovers his wife’s dead body. Because the chorus is sworn to secrecy, they cannot tell Theseus why she killed herself. Theseus discovers a letter on Phaedra’s body, which falsely asserts that she was raped by Hippolytus. Enraged, Theseus curses his son either to death or at least exile. To execute the curse, Theseus calls upon his father, the god Poseidon, who has promised to grant his son three wishes.

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