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This article needs additional citations for verification. Roman Gertraud von Bullion PDF Marian Movement founded in Germany in 1914 by Father Joseph Kentenich. The group focuses on self-education and spiritual formation.

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According to its website, „We seek to grow as free, dedicated, and active witnesses of Christ in modern life by uniting our faith with our everyday lives. We look to Mary to educate us in this task and to guide us in becoming better followers of Christ. The Schoenstatt Movement was founded at Schoenstatt, a minor seminary conducted by the Pallottines for those intending to work as missionaries in Africa. It grew out of a Marian sodality established there in April 1914. Kentenich’s guidance of the religious brotherhood was influenced by the works of St. Schoenstatt officially became a movement with its own structure in 1919. On July 18, 1919 the Pallottines assigned Fr.

Kentenich to work full-time with the new movement. The first formal gathering was in Hoerde, August 20, 1920, where the first organizational principles were laid. Father Kentenich was arrested and sent to the Dachau Concentration Camp in 1941, where he began to spread the message of the Schoenstatt Movement to fellow prisoners. It was painted in 1898 by Luigi Crosio for the Swiss printing house Kunzli Brothers, who produced prints of the image under the title „Refuge of Sinners“. The students renamed the picture „Mother Thrice Admirable“, a title used by Father Jakob Rem, SJ, at the Colloquium Marianum in Ingolstadt, in 1604.

It wants to help redeem the world not only from its earthly sufferings, but also from sin and from its alienation from God. Central issues are the ideas based on that which Joseph Kentenich founded the movement in 1914, including Christian personality development, orientation after ideals, and community. A central point in the movement dynamics and faith is the devotion to the Schoenstatt Shrine, based on the first shrine in Schoenstatt where the movement started with a special devotion to Mary and of which there are over 200 replicas of around the world. The movement is involved in several apostolic actions, including missionary work, charity, education and other projects.

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