G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection, Volume 3 PDF

Illustration of Jinx for a G. Jinx is a fictional character from g.I. Joe: The IDW Collection, Volume 3 PDF G.

Författare: J. T. Krul.

G.I. JOE: The IDW Collection Volume 3.

Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and animated series. She debuted in 1987 as the G. Joe: A Real American Hero, Jinx is one of the few G. Joe Team members whose real name is top secret. She has been studying and competing in several forms of martial arts since she was seven. She grew up in Los Angeles and is a Bryn Mawr graduate. After the temporary dissolution of the G.

Joe Team, Jinx became a freelance agent, and is believed to have spent time serving in the CIA. She also started a romantic relationship with her teammate Budo, and the two of them formed a successful bounty hunting business together. Jinx was first released as an action figure in the 1987 edition of the G. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline.

Like many of the female G. Joe characters, Jinx has had a relatively small number of action figures produced. In 2011, a new Jinx figure was announced for the exclusive pre-release by the official G. 4-inch figures of „Kim Arashikage“ were announced to be released in the G. In the first four issues of the G.

Joe: A Real American Hero comics published by Devil’s Due, it is revealed that she spent the years that followed using her skills in intelligence-gathering to become a bounty hunter in Tokyo. Jinx serves as a member of the reserves. Jinx also appears in the comic specials G. Joe: Arashikage Showdown, and Snake Eyes: Declassified, as well as in ninja-themed miniseries G. In the continuation of the A Real American Hero storyline by IDW Publishing, Jinx is sent on her own special mission to Bern, where she tests her new skills and defeats the Blue Ninjas. Joe: Cobra miniseries, Jinx is a Chinese-American woman who is Chuckles‘ only contact with G. Joe, and also his romantic interest, as he infiltrates the Cobra organization.

When he gets deeper inside Cobra, she is forced to cut off her meetings with him. Jinx is also a major character in the Transformers crossover series, Transformers vs. Jinx appears as one of the main characters in the Blackthorne Publishing series G. Jinx’s only appearance in the Sunbow canon, was in the 1987 animated film G. Joe: The Movie, voiced by Shuko Akune.

Jinx returns in the 2004 direct-to-video animated film G. Her original background with the Blind Master is not mentioned, instead she is training along with Kamakura under Snake Eyes, and likes to rib Kamakura for his lesser experience. In the 2004 animated feature G. Joe: Ninja Battles, Venus Terzo reprises her role as Jinx.

Set in the same continuity as Valor Vs. In the 2005 anime series G. Joe: Sigma 6, Jinx is voiced by Lisa Ortiz. A reserve member of the young Sigma 6 team, she maintains a similar appearance to her Valor vs. Venom incarnation, with a black and yellow Sigma suit. It is more apparent in the series that she is an elder student over Kamakura, whom she is often partnered with.

A different version of Jinx appears in the 2010 animated series G. Joe: Renegades, voiced by Kim Mai Guest. In June 2011, French actress Élodie Yung was cast as Jinx for the 2013 film G. In Retaliation, Jinx is Storm Shadow’s cousin, and the apprentice of Snake Eyes. The Blind Master, leader of the Arashikage Clan, sends Snake Eyes and Jinx to locate Storm Shadow, so he can answer for the murder of his uncle the Hard Master.

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