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Follow the link for more information. Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Mello is introduced alongside Near as a potential substitute for L. The character death Note: Another Note (Novel) PDF Mello was created, along with Near, to break the endless cycle of confrontations between the detective L and Light Yagami, the man behind the persona Kira.

Författare: Ishin Nishio.
There´s a serial killer on the loose in Los Angeles and the local authorities need help fast. For some reason the killer has been leaving a string of maddeningly arcane clues at each crime scene. Each of these clues, it seems, is an indecipherable roadmap to the next murder.

Onto the scene comes L, the mysterious super-sleuth. Despite his peculiar working habits – he´s never shown his face in public, for example – he´s the most decorated detective in the world and has never tackled a cased he hasn´t been able to crack.

But this time he needs help.

Enlisting the services of an FBI agent named Naomi Misora, L starts snooping around the City of Angels. It soon becomes apparent that the killing spree is a psychotic riddle designed specifically to engage L in a battle of wits. Stuck in the middle between killer and investigator, it´s up to Misora to navigate both the dead bodies and the egos to solve the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases.

Both Mello and Near were designed after L and were initially envisioned as twins and sons of L. Ultimately, this idea was dropped, with their designs switched compared to the original concept. Mello, whose real name is Mihael Keehl, grew up in Wammy’s House, an orphanage for intellectually gifted children, and is one of two potential successors to L—the best detective in the world. Light Yagami, the true identity of Kira, discovers the location of Mello’s hideout. An indirect result of this is that Mello meets the Shinigami Sidoh, the original owner of Mello’s Death Note. Mello invades SPK—an organization that aims to catch Kira—to retrieve a photograph of himself from Near. Before he leaves SPK, Mello tells Near about Sidoh and the fake rules, which sharpens Near’s suspicions on Light.

In the live-action television drama, Mello is portrayed by Mio Yūki. Mello is the other half of Near. He lives inside of Near’s body. A puppet of Mello is seen in Near’s hand. After knowing that L is killed, Mello possesses Near and teams up with Himura.

Aside from the initial manga, Mello appears in other media based on Death Note. He serves as the narrator of Nisio Isin’s light novel Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. Near and Mello together because he felt L individually could not defeat Kira and that introducing only one new character would produce a „repeat“ of the struggle between Light and L. Ohba asked Takeshi Obata, artist of the series, to make both characters look „a little ‚L-ish.

Ohba did not initially develop Mello and Near’s personalities as he wanted to „reveal“ them through their actions. He added the chocolate trait because he believed that chocolate „represented all sweets“ and that the trait would fit with the story arc in the United States. Ohba considered having Mello be the character who ultimately defeats Light. According to Ohba, after the disappearance of Sidoh, the writer „struggled“ with Mello’s role. Ohba’s idea of Mello ultimately defeating Light and Near, being „the best“, was strong in his mind, but once Mello had „learned too much about the Death Note“, he had to kill him to „sustain the intensity of the story“. Merchandise based on his character has been released, including action figures and plush dolls.

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