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Its „Lookout“ launch site area is also a recreation site for picnic and tourism. Is subject to daily incursions by snowmobilers, skiers, cyclers, hikers, etc. Many photos are not loaded right day Hiking Trails Of Split Roc PDF to reduce download time.

Författare: Rob Bignell.

Bring them with a click, if needed. Some links will not work unless javascript is activated. Follow mt7air on Twitter, not maintained since a while. January 1: It’s a time of mental rest to take stock.

Here are my holiday wishes and the year 2018 review, always the worst events of the world and some of the bests. In the Rockies, the choice is as huge as the mountains. See Canadian Alpine Adventures for an independant overview of the ski stations. Novembre 24 The flying season being really over, it’s time for a quick overview. Always lots of good flights on good days but this year, wild fires blocked south flights at the beginning of the Willi. The smoke that was coming and going after that made distance flights rather difficult. A few short on landing with paragliders as usual.

Briefly: The month where the sun disapears really early. Surprise this year, more than seven sunny days. Thermals rather weak though, worse than september, but still nice little flights to end the season. September 14: The air improved and a few sunny days have allowed some distance flights in the beginning of the month.

Since a week the weather remains bad and rainy however and not much hope for the coming week. Only a few sunny days and no good autumn weather this year. Yesterday, an albertan group helped by locals put the ramp back in shape. August 9: Too much good weather and here we have the fires and its smoke again.

There were excellent flights tuesday before the smoke came in. The fires are south so the south wind the next days blanketed us in deep smoke. So much that the sun is a red disk. The Willi, ending sunday, was frustrated by a fire 20 km south but hundreds of km were routinely flown. July 16: A spat of nice weather since three days! Some paras and deltas are camping here.

That could have been much worse for Jeff and Molly. Scratching close to ground is dangerous here. Today, I could not resist a little very careful para flight today, monday. Jennifer 250-939-8514 for a ride or see at the usual spots. Visitors came today to fly paras and hang in the evening. Two good paragliding distances for me, in spite of late launches.

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