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The museum opened on 3 May 1960. It preserves the hiding place, has a permanent exhibition on the life and times of Anne Frank, and has an exhibition space about all forms of persecution and discrimination. In 2013 and 2014, the museum had 1. Anne Frank PDF section needs additional citations for verification.

Författare: Sid Jacobson.
50 Jahre Anne-Frank-Museum in Amsterdam

The canal-side façade of the former Opekta building on Prinsengracht canal in 2008. The canal-side façade dates from a renovation of 1740 when the rear annex was demolished. On 1 December 1940, Anne’s father, Otto Frank, moved the offices of the spice and gelling companies he worked for, Opekta and Pectacon, from an address on Singel canal to Prinsengracht 263. It was concealed from view by houses on all four sides of a quadrangle.

Frank family and their friends were seized and distributed to bombed-out families in Germany. After Otto Frank returned to Amsterdam, he was given Anne’s diaries and papers and subsequently compiled selections into a book published in Dutch in 1947 under the title Het Achterhuis, which Anne had chosen as the name of a future memoir or novel based on her experiences in hiding. This section does not cite any sources. Shortly after the book was published, visitors were shown around by the employees who had hidden the families and could see the secret rooms. However, by 1955, the company had moved to new premises and the entire block to which the building belonged was sold to a single estate agent who served a demolition order with the intention of building a factory on the space. The Anne Frank Foundation was set up by Otto Frank and Johannes Kleiman on 3 May 1957 with the primary aim of collecting enough funds to purchase and restore the building.

In October of that year, the company who owned it donated the building to the Foundation as a goodwill gesture. The former hiding place of Anne Frank attracted a huge amount of interest, especially as translations and dramatisations of the Diary had made her a figure known throughout the world. Over 9,000 visitors came in its first year. In a decade, there were twice as many.

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