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Jump to navigation Jump to search The Accel World light novel, manga and anime series features a large cast of characters created by Accel World – Novel 10 PDF Kawahara and illustrated by HiMA. The main characters are members of Nega Nebulus, also known as the Black Legion. Also known as Haru by his close friends, he is a short and overweight boy with low self-confidence until he meets Kuroyukihime.

Författare: Reki Kawahara.
Ein Kurzgeschichtenband mit den Helden aus Accel World! Erlebt das bereits aus dem Manga bekannte Abenteuer »Das Plätschern des Wassers in alten Tagen« sowie das Sword-Art-Online-Crossover »Versus« und die brandneue Story »Das Donnern der Brandung am Ende der Welt«, die von Kuroyukihimes Ausflug nach Okinawa und einer unglaublichen Begegnung in dieser abgelegenen Ecke der beschleunigten Welt erzählt.

Although he is generally smart and careful when it comes to everyday life, Haru tends to get reckless while protecting Kuroyukihime. He views her as a mentor, friend, and lover simultaneously, which has given him the utmost respect and loyalty toward her and her army. His avatar was created by his desires to be thinner and fly away into the sky in order to escape his miserable life. The avatar possesses a mouth underneath its visor, allowing Silver Crow to eat while in the game world. Silver Crow is the first and only avatar with the ability to fly, sprouting wings on its back when its special ability is activated. Beautiful and popular, she is also the Student Council Vice-President at Umesato Junior High School.

She has been a Burst Linker since she was eight years old. Kuroyukihime was formerly the Black King, although she was driven into hiding after beheading the first Red King, Red Rider, while trying to defeat the other kings to reach level 10. World End,“ a slender robot with a feminine form which features limbs ending in sharp blades. These weapons instantly cut anything they touch due to the Absolute Cutting Property the avatar possesses, which has the side effect of permanently removing whatever is cut from an opponent’s avatar. However, the blades have a frail lateral portion that breaks after receiving too much damage. To compensate for this weakness, Kuroyukihime developed a technique she calls „Soft Act“.

Haru’s childhood friend and Chiyuri’s boyfriend at the start of the series, nicknamed „Taku. Being smart and athletic, he attends a prestigious school. His non-accelerated avatar is the tin man. Initially, he abuses the enhanced reflexes he obtains while accelerated to have an advantage in the kendo tournaments he attends in real life. Its primary weapon is a large pile driver Enhanced Armament mounted on the right forearm, which is able to extend its spike to incredible distances. Upon learning the Incarnate System, Taku obtains the ability to transform it into a huge sword, which he calls „Cyan Blade“. Cyan Pile also has access to Splash Stinger, a series of needle guns hidden under the chest armor.

At the start of the series she is dating Takumu, but after Haru and Takumu confess about the Cyan Pile incident they seem to have broken up. It is implied that she cares for Haru as more than a friend. Her non-accelerated avatar is a catgirl. Enhanced Armament resembling a large bell containing a clock face replacing the left forearm. Her avatar was created from her desire to return to the life she had when she, Haru, and Takumu had a very close friendship.

Lime Bell’s special ability is known as „Citron Call,“ a healing ability which can fully recover any Duel Avatar it targets. Burst Linker associated to the element of the water who works as a „bodyguard“ tag match partner for players level 2 and under. After Haru accidentally trips over her bag, he as well as the customers in the dining area of their meeting place distinguish her as female. Her avatar on the non-accelerated network is a bespectacled weasel with a necktie. Aqua Current has been a Burst Linker for a long time, but refuses to level up in order to continue her work. Originally one of Nega Nebulus‘ „Elements“, Aqua Current fell prey of a monster in the Unlimited Field who reduced her level to 1. Her whereabouts after the battle alongside Silver Crow are unknown, as is her real world identity after selectively erasing herself from Haru’s memory with her Incarnate System ability.

She is also the vice-commander of Nega Nebulus. Accel World he shows respect towards. Her Brain Burst avatar appears as a silver-blue robot modeled after her real world self, lacking legs below the knee and confined to a wheelchair she powers through the Incarnate System. She keeps the wheelchair even after she regains her legs.

Sky Raker is one of the only Brain Burst avatars that wears clothes, in her case a wide-brimmed summer hat and dress. Japanese priestess-like figure and has the ability to purify objects with parasitic attributes, she also possesses a powerful wide range Incarnate System ability, however it takes a long time to activate due to its complexity. Ardor Maiden is voiced by Yumi Hara. Year-Five student with a fiery temper and intelligence that belies her age, „Niko,“ as she prefers to be called, is the second Red King after Red Rider’s defeat.

This plan fails when Haru looks through his grandfather’s online photo albums and finds that Niko looks nothing like Tomoko. Niko was abandoned by her parents and attends a school for abandoned children. Niko displays tsundere qualities, one moment being very sweet and affectionate and the next angry and confrontational. She is the current Red King and her nickname is „The Immobile Fortress“ thanks to her special ability, which summons her Enhanced Armament, a massive stationary artillery unit with which Scarlet Rain connects.

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