50 Years of Christmas Tables by Royal Copenhagen PDF

Jump to navigation Jump to search The 1790s decade ran from January 1, 50 Years of Christmas Tables by Royal Copenhagen PDF, to December 31, 1799. This section is transcluded from 1790.

Författare: Lone Rahbek Christensen.
Seit der Gründung 1775 trägt jedes einzelne Stück Porzellan von Royal Copenhagen das heute weltweit bekannte Logo mit den drei Wellen. Sie symbolisieren Dänemarks Meerengen: Großer Belt, Kleiner Belt und Öresund. Mit dem zeitlos klassischen blauweißen Porzellan kultiviert die Manufaktur ihre Tradition und die höchsten Standards dänischer Handwerkskunst bis heute werden alle Stücke von Hand gefertigt und bemalt. Gleichzeitig fühlt sich Royal Copenhagen den Wellen als Sinnbild der ständigen Bewegung verpflichtet, und so steht die Marke heute für Innovation und qualitätsbewussten Lifestyle. Ein Highlight bietet jedes Jahr die Ausstellung kunstvoll gestalteter Weihnachtstische, die mittlerweile zu den beliebtesten Events in Kopenhagen gehört. Prominente bis hin zur dänischen Königin präsentieren seit 50 Jahren mit exklusivem Porzellan ihre eigene Interpretation einer Festtafel.

United States President George Washington gives the first State of the Union address, in New York City. 5 million for the war debts of the states. The plan was narrowly approved 14-12 in the Senate and 34-28 in the House. Mozart’s opera Così fan tutte premieres in Vienna. The first boat specialized as a rescue lifeboat is tested on the River Tyne in England. In New York City, the Supreme Court of the United States convenes for the first time.

Louis XVI of France declares to the National Assembly that he will maintain the constitutional laws. Two Quaker delegates petition the United States Congress for the abolition of slavery. France is divided into 83 départements, which cut across the former provinces, in an attempt to dislodge regional loyalties based on noble ownership of land. The New York legislature consents to the admission to the Union of a new state, Vermont, formed within the boundaries of New York, contingent upon the successful conclusion of negotiations concerning disputed real-estate claims, and the boundary between the two states. Thomas Jefferson reports to President George Washington in New York, as the new United States Secretary of State.

The United States patent system is established. 8 Russians, 51 Swedes are killed, 250 captured, and 2 ships are sunk. Algerian fleet destroys the fleet of the Greek privateer Lambros Katsonis. Congress passes an act to govern the creation of states from the „Southwest Territory“, from which Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi will be formed.

Rhode Island ratifies the United States Constitution, and becomes the last of the 13 original states to do so. Royal assent is given to establishment of the port of Milford Haven in Wales. Louis XVI of France accepts a constitutional monarchy. House of Representatives votes, 32-29 to approve creating the District of Columbia from portions of Maryland and Virginia for the eventual seat of government and national capital. French Revolution: The Civil Constitution of the Clergy is passed. This completes the destruction of the monastic orders, legislating out of existence all regular and secular chapters for either sex, abbacies and priorships.

French Revolution: Citizens of Paris celebrate the unity of the French people and the national reconciliation, in the Fête de la Fédération. The Convention of Reichenbach is signed between Prussia and Austria. Inventor Samuel Hopkins becomes the first to be issued a U. The Treaty of Värälä ends the Russo-Swedish War.

The Peking Opera is born, when the Four Great Anhui Troupes introduce Anhui opera to Beijing, in honor of the Qianlong Emperor’s 80th birthday. Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor starts to rule. The Harmar Campaign ends in a defeat of U. France’s Constituent Assembly passes a law requiring all Roman Catholic priests to swear an oath of acceptance of the new French Constitution. President George Washington and his wife, Martha Washington, arrive in the new temporary U. Holy Roman Empire forces recapture Brussels, bringing an end to the short-lived United States of Belgium and restoring the Austrian Netherlands. The United States Congress opens its first session in the new temporary U.

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